Top 5 Best Modems With Phone Jacks – Self Tested Picks

Disclaimer: We are a team of Network Engineers and Computer Experts with a wealth of experience in networking. We employ our experience in testing modems and routers with different service providers and recommends the most optimal devices, suitable for you. Also, We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases at no extra cost to you

Various video call applications have eliminated traditional telephony. As mobile devices have gathered everything in a single click, nobody thinks about using a telephone to know what grandma’s baking. On the contrary, some people do!

We have seen a lot of users who like their modems to have a classic touch of a landline phone connection. Due to the present-day applications, landline models are going obsolete. Therefore, finding the excellent quality modem which have phone jack is somehow similar to roaming in a dessert.

We have gathered a handful of devices that make a considerable choice for the best modems with phone jacks. However, if you are running low on the clock ticks, we suggest you try a multi-functional and efficient option, the Arris T25 modem. This one is our most recommended product and top pick for the modem having phone jack.

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Our Recommended Picks for Best modem with Phone Jack

Netgear Nighthawk CM1150V – Best Pick for Heavy-Duty ApplicationsArris SBV2402 – Recommended for Xfinity PlansNetgear CM500V – Versatile and Pocket Friendly
Plug and play setup
Multiple Ethernet ports
Supports link aggregation
Specially designed for Xfinity
Flexible connectivity
Sound clarity
Unlimited connections
Consistent speed
Compatible with famous ISPs

Our Selection Criteria

We followed some criteria to drill down the following list. The explanation will help you read between the lines. So, even if you decide to go on an expedition alone. You’ll know what to look for.

Modem Technology

Firstly, there is technology. As you know, there are three kinds of modems. DSL, cable, and fiber modems. Commonly, internet telephony is a feature of cable modems, and there is less chance you’ll find it in other technologies.

Some companies may manufacture high-end modems with phone jacks as an additional feature. But, they are pretty hard to acquire. Moreover, a cable modem with phone jack cost peanuts compared to a fiber modem with a phone jack. It’s simple maths!

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Next comes the DOCSIS type. Since many renowned networks are moving towards the latest technology 3.1, many users prefer it. However, unfortunately, many telephony modems still use the 3.0. Therefore, the list mostly has modems with a 3.0 DOCSIS type.

On a side note, if you find a cable modem with DOCSIS 3.1, go for it. Also, ensure the needed phone jack is there.

Phone Port

The unit should have at least one phone port to qualify as the best modem with a phone jack. However, we selected the modems with two such ports. Moreover, we ensured that the selected ones facilitate 3-way conferencing, call forwarding, and higher bandwidths for clear receptions.

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Comparison Table of Modems With Phone Jack

ModelTechnologySpeedChannelsPhone PortsProtocols
Netgear CM500VDOCSIS 3.0640 Mbps16 by 42IPv6
ARRIS SBV2402DOCSIS 3.0600 Mbps24 by 82IPv6
ARRIS T25DOCSIS 3.01000 Mbps32 by 82IPv6
NETGEAR CM1150DOCSIS 3.1800 Mbps32 by 82IPv6
ARRIS TM822RDOCSIS 3.0343 Mbps8 by 42IPv6 & IPv4

Things to Keep In Mind When Buying Telephony Modems

These factors will assist you in picking the best compatible equipment for your ISP.

ISP And Internet Compatibility

Primarily, ensure that the modem you are buying is compatible with your ISP. Otherwise, purchasing it is a waste of hard-earned cash. Mostly, you’ll find an indication in the product’s description. However, if your ISP is not on the list, contact their customer support to confirm the device’s compatibility.

You should also ensure that the modem possesses the suitable capacity to provide optimal speeds. Pairing up a small modem with a gig internet plan won’t give the desired results.

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Buying a modem is a one-time investment. You wouldn’t want to buy a unit that breaks down in the next few months. Well, to prevent that, you need to ensure a good design.

A good design isn’t merely eye appealing. But, it helps keep the modem at a moderate temperature. The modem’s performance will eventually wear off without a decent heat-dissipating exterior due to constant high temperatures.


Spending your fortune on a digital gadget is an overdo. Buying a popular model doesn’t always solve the riddle. Hence, you must conduct proper research before making a purchase. And ultimately, choose a product according to your needs.

Some products offer additional features and demand more upfront. But, you need to funnel down the optimal ones according to your wallet.

Detailed Review of 5 Best Modems With Phone Jack

1. Netgear CM500V – Good Telephony with Easy Price

Key Features

  • Ethernet port (1Gigbit) for speedy connections.
  • Voice ports for premium sound quality.
  • Netgear Genie compatible.
  • Good downstream RF tuner.


Dimensions12.81 x 11.54 x 16.67
Compatible OSMac OS and Windows (Vista,7,8 + TCP/IP working system)

Product Review

Netgear CM500V has an exterior similar to Netgear CM500. It has the same sleek glossy black finish. A vertically oriented cable modem with the front panel shining with high-contrast LEDs. Although, physically, it doesn’t look very different from CM500. But the magic lies in the last two LEDs.

They indicate telephone ports. It is something the CM500 isn’t capable of. Theoretically, the modem is proficient in throwing about 608 downstream and 108 upstream. But the company recommends that it is best for 300 Mbps plans only.

After conducting several tests on the model, we found out that it could handle a 400 Mbps package as well. Other than that, it features the DOCSIS 3.0 and a channel bonding of 16 by 4, which provides high-speed connections.

The included telephone ports work admirably. According to our tests, the modem provides a good sound quality even when other bandwidth-draining applications are running. It also features the 3-way conference calling and other similar features. The super-smooth setup using the Netgear Genie app is another hidden perk.

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  • It’s compatible with top-tier routers.
  • It contains an elegant design.


  • No built-in router.

Plus Point: It doesn’t include the Puma 6 chipset.

Check out the detailed review here:

2. ARRIS SBV2402 – Fast Surfing with Xfinity Plans

Key features

  • Efficient traffic management
  • 2-year warranty
  • Upgradable
  • Good speed for home businesses


Weight1.76 pounds
LAN portRJ-45
Supported ProtocolIPv6

Product Review

The Arris SBV2402 is a DOCSIS 3.0 type modem equipped with 24 x 8 downstream and upstream channels. It comes in a horizontal orientation with a gleaming black finish. We liked the perforated top of the unit as it kept the modem cool during the test session.  

The front side contains a row of indicative blue LEDs with their respective names. On the left side, there is the company’s insignia. However, it seems that too much finger contact will wear it off.

Usually, modems featuring similar downstream/upstream channels can handle up to 800 Mbps of data. Although, the company recommends it for 600 Mbps. But, there was an itch to scratch, so we increased the input to 800Mbps. And ended up all watery. The modem only conjured up a figure better for the 600 Mbps package.

Although, it is not an excellent choice for high-speed applications like 4K streaming and gaming. But it works great for voice services, and regular web surfing uses.

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  • Quick setup using the mobile application.
  • Money-saving pick.


  • Only apt for Xfinity users

Plus Point: Uses OFDMA radio technologies.

Read the complete review here:

3. ARRIS T25 – Top Pick for Virtual Reality Gaming

Key Features

  • Supports OFDM technology.
  • Maximum speed capacity of 2Gbps.
  • Connections with coaxial and Ethernet cables.
  • Employs the latest DOCSIS technology.


Weight1.76 pounds
Supported OSTCP/IP working systems
ChipsetPuma 7

Prouct Review

Firstly, the exterior of the modem is quite impressive—a horizontally mounted unit with a matte finish that takes an ordinary desk to a new level.

The rare panel of the model is fully loaded. Here you will find 2-gigabit Ethernet ports, 2 telephone ports with cable, and power plugins. We attached a gaming PC and a router. And the results were remarkable. The model threw a steady bandwidth throughout the session. Additionally, it also supports link aggregation for minimal latency and congestion control.

The fusion of RAM with a multi-processor chip helped achieve a roaring strength despite the bandwidth stress. It features 32 by 8 downstream and upstream channels, which provide good reliable speeds to remote devices as well.

Although theoretically, the modem has the power to elicit about 1200Mbps. But, when tested, the figures were around 900 Mbps.

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  • It’s the best pick for high-speed plans.
  • It comes with the minimum latency.


  • Relatively bulkier built.

Plus Point: Backward compatible with DOCSIS 2.0.

View the detailed review in this video

4. NETGEAR Nighthawk CM1150 – Quick Boot Up and Reduced Latency

Key Features

  • Unmatched call clarity.
  • Automatic firmware updation.
  • Quick setup.
  • Supports 3-way conferencing.


Dimensions6.1 x 10.3 x 3.4 inches
Radio technologyOFDM

Product Review

The next modem on our list is CM1150 from Netgear. Standing upright, the CM1150 doesn’t give you many orientation options like CM1200 and CM500V. The edges of the modems are sharply angled, giving it an ambidextrous look.

Its LEDs on the front glow relatively bright and vivid in dim environments as well. The signs are self-explanatory. However, you can always consult the instruction manual in case of confusion.

Employing the DOCSIS 3.1 technology, it is currently the only model compatible with Xfinity. We tried with other services like Spectrdumb but all in vain. You get 32 by 8 bonding channels which are excellent for supporting 2Gbps of internet. When we tested the modem for HD streaming and 4K gaming. The results were tremendous.

The next surprising thing was the latency reduction. Four Ethernet ports promote link aggregation, ultimately providing higher speeds for wired connections. Advanced calling features with auto-prioritizing telephone ports provide long uninterrupted calls effortlessly.

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  • It supports LAN and WLAN connectivity.
  • It provides a fast wired connection for various devices.


  • Only one Ethernet port is useable at one time.

Plus Point: Good telephony service.

Read the complete review here:

5. ARRIS Surfboard TM822R – Best Budget Pick For Enhanced Speed

Key Features

  • Lithium-battery.
  • Supports multiple connections.
  • Economic modem.
  • Higher bandwidths without losing voice quality.


Weight2 pounds
Supported protocolsIPv4 and IPv6
Warranty2 year

Product Review

The last modem on our list is ARRIS Surfboard TM822R. At first glance, it looks similar to the ARRIS SBV2402, with the only difference being the LED color. However, there are some others as well.

Firstly, this unit uses DOCSIS version 3.0. And it is compatible with other known ISPs and not just Xfinity. Moreover, the dimensions are significantly compact compared to other in-class modems. Coming to the channels, it uses 8 by 4 download and upload channels.

Although this is significantly less than the other models but compared to the price tag, it’s reasonably good. Moreover, it did an excellent job at keeping speed to maximum levels.

The two telephone ports provide clarity during internet telephony applications. Another wow is the IPv4 and IPv6 support which delivers unlimited address space. 

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  • It supports battery backup.
  • It’s best for small internet plans.


  • Single Ethernet port.

Plus Point: Uses multi-processor technology.

Check out the full review here:


Hopefully, you would have found your best modem with a phone jack now. As you saw, phone jacks are not a very common accessory these days. Still, exploring the internet put forward some fruitful results.

We have discussed all the selecting factors in detail. However, if you are still wondering which would be the best model, consider the two premium, timeless choices, Netgear Nighthawk CM1150V and Arris SBV2402.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is Intel Puma Chipset so bad?
The Intel chipset is not a reliable option because it offers slower browsing speeds. And is unfit for high-speed activities.
2. What kinds of modems offer phone jacks?
Models with ATAs and telephone adapters offer VoIP services and incorporate phone jacks.
3. Do fiber modems have telephone jacks?
No, fiber modems don’t support phone jacks as these use an entirely different transmission method.
4. What wire should I use for the phone jack in my modem?
According to US standards, the RJ-11 is used for phone jacks in modems.

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