How To Setup Xfinity Modem in 2022 – A Comprehensive Guide

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Xfinity is a top-rated ISP in the United States with fantastic internet packages. But the real hurdle comes when a user tries to install its equipment without enlightening himself about the highs and lows. No doubt, Xfinity rents their gadgets with manuals and guidelines, but it might feel burdensome to go through the multipage procedural booklet.  

Be Patient! We got your problem solved. Below we have explained the complete setup so you can navigate things swiftly and save installation fees at the same time. Without any more delay, let’s begin the installation process.

Setting up Xfinity Modem Without Xfinity App

Xfinity offers a mobile application to set up your internet modem. However, this application is not compatible with all mobile devices. Therefore, first, we will see the method to setup the Xfinity modem without using the company’s mobile application.

1. Unpacking and Picking a Place for the Modem

Unpack your device and put it in an airy place; try to avoid floor placements. Also, ensure no other heat discharging devices are placed around the modem.

The modem also dissipates heat, and keeping it close to other heat-dissipating devices will make a heat trap, eventually hindering the performance. Choose a spacey spot because it helps in single transmission also.

2. Plugging in the Cables

The next thing is to plug in the power cable. Plug one side of the wire into the back of the modem and the other into the electric outlet. Fix the coaxial cable into the cable port of the modem and its other end into the wall outlet. Keep the connections fingertight; otherwise, they won’t work precisely.

Now, connect your telephone’s wire to the Tel 1 port of the modem. This step is only for the users who subscribed to Xfinity’s telephone service. Hence, you can perform it or leave it depending on your case.

3. Allow The Modem to Complete the Setup

This step requires patience as the modem will take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to complete the process. Don’t unplug the power supply. Else, you’ll have to go through more effort to fix it.

Now there are a couple of scenarios you’ll find depending on your modem type. Check out the explanation below for each modem’s status lights.

  • For Xfinity rented modems, the upstream and downstream lights and the online status light remain static for almost a minute and then start blinking. At the same time, the power light becomes solid after some initial blinks. The 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi lights should maintain a rhythmic blinking.
  • Some modems only have a power light on the front panel. In such cases, wait for the setup to complete before troubleshooting anything. Meanwhile, ensure the power light is solid. 
  • Lastly, if you are using any other modem for the setup, you should consult the instruction manual to decipher the status lights.

4. Connecting Modem to A Device Through Wi-Fi

Xfinity modems have company stickers on them. You will find an SSID and a password on it. Turn on your phone’s Wi-Fi and tap the name of your Xfinity modem. The prompt will ask you to enter the password. Type in the password you found on the modem’s sticker.

Note: Sometimes, the prompt asks you to enter a PIN instead of the password. In that case, click on the option connect using a security key. Then enter the password, and click done.

5. Connect the Modem Through Ethernet Port

You can use the Ethernet port for making a connection if you don’t plan to use your Xfinity modem as a Wi-Fi utility. Plug the Ethernet cable at the back of the modem and the other end into your computer. Once plugged, the Ethernet port shines a light indicating a successful connection.

6. Verify Your Modem

Once you complete the above step, you will see a login screen. If not, go to the official Xfinity website in a browser, follow the site’s navigations, and finish your device activation.

Your modem will take some time after the online activation to complete the setup. Allow it to finish the process and then connect other devices.

7. Connect Your Devices To The Modem

Once you are done with setting up the Xfinity Modem, you can connect your devices to the modem. However, if you replaced your Xfinity modem and checked the same configurations, your previously connected device will reconnect automatically. If they don’t, move some fingers and fill up latest Wi-Fi password in all the devices!

Setup Xfinity Modem Using the Xfinity App

Other method is to setup the xfinity modem in your pone. To setup the modem this way, Install the Xfinity app on your mobile device and then follow the steps stated below.

1. Login Into the Xfinity Application

When you open the application, you will see the Xfinity Login screen. Enter your username and password to access the application.

2. Start The Activation Process

Once you log in and connect to the existing Wi-Fi or cellular network, you will see a screen with the ‘Start Activation’ button. Click on it to start the online activation to begin the setup of your Xfinity modem.

3. Plug in in The Modem

Find a cable outlet and untie the wire to insert it into the socket and modem’s port. One end goes into the outlet and the other into the modem.

For Xfinity Voice subscriptions, you must plug the telephone wire into the telephone port of the modem. Lastly, plug it into the power source.

4. Enter The MAC Address

Next, look for the Xfinity sticker on the modem. It contains a MAC address. Type it in the box of the application referring as CM Mac Address. Once typed, the application will ask you to check the internet connection. Click on the ‘check connection’ button for further processing.

Now the application will begin the evaluation. You have to wait until the evaluation process comes to an end. If everything goes well, you will get a successful setup message along with the Xfinity phone number. However, receiving no phone number means the activation process failed. In this case, the company will contact you via text or call.

Create the Xfinity Account to Ease the Activation Process

Although manually setting up an Xfinity modem is not impossible, some users feel uneasy doing it. In contrast, they prefer a graphical interface to complete the setup. If you don’t have an Xfinity account, you can follow the following steps.

  1. For creating an Xfinity ID, go to the link and enter the verification details the page requires. You can use your phone number or an SSN (Social Security Number) to verify your account.
  2. You will get a confirmation text message if you use your phone number for verification. However, you’ll need to input the last four digits along with your birth and phone number as SSN. Check if you have filled all details correctly and click done.
  3. After verification, the prompt asks you to enter an email. Enter a valid email, and the company will mail you an activation link. Click on the link within 72 hours to activate your Xfinity account. However, your address will not be valid if you don’t click on the received link sent.
  4. But you can still use your account. If you miss the activation link time, log in to your Xfinity account and add another email to receive the activation link. You can’t use your Xfinity account for device activation until you activate it.

The Bottom Line

Although Xfinity is a versatile internet service provider, its official application may not work on your mobile device. Therefore, it’s best to know some alternative ways to set up an Xfinity modem.

Our guide above highlights all the possible ways to connect and activate your Xfinity modem on your own. Users like to go with self-installation to save the installation charges. However, if you can’t understand anything, you can contact Xfinity customer support to resolve the issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you access the Xfinity app without the internet?
You’ll need internet for using the Xfinity Setup application. You can either use Wi-Fi or mobile data to use the application.
How do I know if my modem will support Xfinity internet?
Xfinity has a list of approved models on its official website. Before buying, check if your modem is on the approved list. If not, you can search online and see if your modem supports Xfinity internet plans or not.
Purchasing modems through online stores requires more searching as sometimes you might have misled by the wrong information written in the description. Hence, it is best to purchase the device from a physical store.
Do all modems have upstream and downstream lights?
Many users think that upstream and downstream lights are present on routers only. But, in reality, modems also have DS and US lights to indicate the speeds available.
How much does Xfinity professional installation cost?
If you are not willing to go with self-installation, you can hire an Xfinity agent to set up your device—the cost for professional installation is about 89 dollars. 

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