How to Troubleshoot Mediacom Modem Lights Issue?

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Suppose you are streaming an adventurous movie, but suddenly notifies with “No internet access.” To figure out the respective problem, you analyze your gadget whether it’s in a working condition or not. If your modem is suspected of errors and malfunctioning, its lights must flicker or turn red.

Isn’t it frustrating? Obviously yes! You will surely look for quick solution to troubleshoot this issue.

Quick Fix
The easiest solution to these issues is to switch off your modem, wait a few moments, and then restart it again. In most cases, your modem will work as fine as a new one.

To explore more alternative ways, stick with the article till the end.

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What Does Each Light Indicate?

One thing that is common in every MediaCom modem is that they contain multiple flashing green lights, functions of these lights are mentioned below:

Blank State

If the light next to the power reader is blank, the modem is not receiving electric input.

Red Light

Red notifies that the modem is just turned on, but if it remains red for a long time and all the other lights stay blank, it’s a sigh of relief that at least the modem has not been damaged and is trying to reconnect.

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Flickering Condition

The flickering condition suggests that your internet connection is not stable, which usually happens right after turning on the modem.

Mediacom Modem Light Issues

Light having different colors or actions demonstrate an inoperative “No Internet Connection.” condition. Most common issues in MediaCom models include lights flickering, red lights, and yellow/orange lights.

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Red Light

The most common problems faced by customers of MediaCom Modems are red-light issues. There can be multiple reasons for the red light blinking. Some of them are as follows:

  • The modem is just turned on
  • It is trying to reconnect
  • The modem may have failed

When a modem is turned on, the first light that will appear will be a red next to the “power reader” after some time, the modem will ultimately connect, and the red light will change into a green one.

But in some cases, red light starts blinking instead of becoming green, which reflects the device has most likely failed and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Flickering Lights

Another common problem faced by the users is light flickering. Three significant reasons this can happen are:

  • The modem is stuck in a loop
  • An error or a bug
  • an outage at the back end

Lights flicker primarily on the light next to the “internet reader.” When you turn on your device and connect to the ISP server, the lights will start to flicker if the connection is unstable. On stabilizing, they stop blinking automatically.

In some cases, the modem falls into a loop of connectivity due to an error or a bug, and this loop prevents the light from stabilizing. Nothing to be afraid of because this problem is infrequent and common in old gadgets.

Most of the time, issue exists at the back end due to which device doesn’t receive the proper signals, and its lights start to flicker.

Yellow/Orange Light

This is the rarest issue on our list and only happens under specific conditions. Usually, when you see a yellow or an orange light, it is right after you turn it on, and all the lights flash for a moment.

If you do not have a computer attached through the WAN port, its light remains blank, a proper connection is marked by a stable green light. An Orange or Yellow light appears when you don’t have a good connection with the linked device, occurs due to a damage coaxial wire or broken connector.

How to Resolve Red Light/Light Flickering and Yellow/Orange Light Conditions in Mediacom Modem?

The best-proven methods for these problems are:

  • Restart the modem
  • Check for connectivity issues
  • Contact your internet service provider

Restart the Device

The most common solution to all the issues mentioned above is to just restart or Reset the Mediacom Compatible Device by following three simple steps.

Step 1: Press the power button for a second and turn the device off. If the modem is stuck and does not turn off that way, disconnect it from the power source.

Step 2: Wait for a few minutes, or at least 30 seconds if you are in a hurry.

Step 3: Plug in the cord back and press the power button to restart the device.

We know it sounds too simple, but it actually works. By following these three simple steps, most of your light-related issues will be quickly resolved.

Check for Connectivity Issues

Step 1: Turn on the modem and carefully observe the colors and actions of the lights.

Step 2: If there is a yellow or orange light on the WAN port, check for connectivity issues.

Step 3: Check if the coaxial wire is damaged anywhere or connectors are health. In case of broken objects, replace them right away. Also, make sure there is no blockage in the port.

Step 4: After changing the broken parts, restart the modem, and the flickering or orange light will go away.

Contact the MediaCom Support

Last but not least, if the solutions mentioned above do not work, contact MediaCom before trying something fancy yourself and impairing the device instead. If the lights are flickering and our troubleshooting ideas do not work, there is likely an outage from the back end.

You can contact MediaCom, and they will refresh the connection on their end the lights will stop blinking. In the case of a damaged or failed device, a technician will come and thoroughly check the device. After the check-up, he will inform you about the device’s health and that either it can be repaired or you need to replace it with a new one.

Should All The Lights Remain Solid Green?

Not necessarily, some people think all the lights on your modem should be solid green, which is not necessarily true. For example, the yellow light next to the power reader means upgrading the modem. On the other hand, WAN lights are meant to flicker, which shows they are catching signals, So a light not being solid green does not mean there is an issue every time.

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All the solutions we have discussed are for routine glitches, they will not work if there is a mechanical or electrical error. It is highly advised to seek professional help in case these solutions do not work or your device keeps having these glitches.

Here is to hoping that all the lights across your MediaCom modem remain green so you can enjoy a strong and stable internet connection.

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